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001121229SBS MTV Best Of the Best Male Group
002121230KBS Digital Conversion PV
003121228SHINee Cut@2012 KBS Music Festival N/A
004121229SHINee Cut@2012 KBS Gayo Daejun N/A
005121231SHINee Cut@2012 MBC Korean Music Festival N/A 
006130214The Hidden Story of
[1000 Years Always By Your Side] N/A
007130101Kpop Hero SHINee N/A 
008121204SHINee The Story of a Yellow Ribbon
009121212SHINee World 2013@JAT N/A
010130119SHINee Cut
@The 27th Golden Disk Awards 2013

011130116Taemin Cut@Weekly Idol [Healing Idol]
012130118SHINee Cut@Music Bank In Jakarta PV
013130830SHINee Cut@You and I N/A 
014130131SHINee Cut
@The 22nd Seoul Music Awards 2013

015130206SHINee Key & Taemin Cut
@Weekly Idol [Mama Idol]

016130210SHINee's One Fine Day Ep. 00 [Taemin Cut]
017130212SHINee's One Fine Day Ep. 01 [Taemin Cut]
018130219SHINee's One Fine Day Ep. 02
019130221SHINee Cut
@MNet Wide Entertainment News

020130223Guerrila Date with SHINee
@Entertainment Report